Friday, July 29, 2011

dump/output/list Linux password expiry info for all users

problem: you need password expiry info for all users

solution: one line bash script to the rescue :)

Check out my thread @ Server Fault for a number of simple, one line bash solutions.


Props to: Zoredache @ ServerFault for his quick answer

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free 90 day Norton Internet Security 2011 - English, German, and more!

UPDATE: superseded by Free 90 day Norton Internet Security 2012 - English, German, and more!

I recently figured out this rather handy to know tip for Norton Internet Security (NIS) and possibly for Norton Anti Virus too (NAV).

To cut a long story short, it is possible to transfer licences between different localisations of NIS and perhaps also NAV.

Lets say you want 90 days free NIS, but in German?
  1. You download and install the 90 day NIS trial from Norton, Thanks to ING Direct
    (this is English but don't worry!)
  2. You make sure to register a valid email address with your Norton Account for said install
  3. You then have 90 days free NIS trial, fully operational etc
  4. You then sign in to the created Norton account
  5. You copy, paste and save the licence from the trial, per screenshot
  6. Now, you need to procure the German version of NIS! Get it direct from Norton!
  7. You now uninstall the EN version of NIS, I think its needs a reboot.
  8. Then you install the DE version of NIS
  9. When NIS launches, hit the Subscribe link/button for the given language
  10. When presented with the subscription screen, just enter the product key you saved earlier and progress the form as normal. JOB DONE.
This might work for other Norton products too, like Antivirus 2011? If you try it, please do share your results!
Here are some handy direct links to some Norton products in various locales, courtesy of Smokey's Security Weblog.
all products are version 2011 v18.5
NIS 90 day 30 day NIS NIS NIS
(all links in this table are direct from Norton)

Props go out to:

Smokey @ Smokey's Security Weblog