Monday, May 7, 2012

GTAIV command line arguments

One can use the commandline.txt with ths single line -help to get a pop up with the list of available options for launching GTAIV. I used SnagIt to capture the pop ups output.

This output is from GTAIV steam version (the latest version as of writing).

LaunchGTAIV.exe [options] Where [options] are one or more of: ==== [ Global ] ==== -adapter: Use the specified screen adapter number ?zero-based? -disableimposters: Turn of the imposter rendering for vehicles -noBlockOnLostFocus: Don't block the window update when it loses focus. ==== [AUDIO] ==== -fullspecaudio: Force high-end CPU audio footprint -minspecaudio: Force low-end CPU audio footprint ==== [GLOBAL] ==== -benchmark: Determines if we run the benchmark immediately -safemode: Sets graphics setting to lowest setting ==== [GRAPHICS] ==== -forcehighqualitymirrors: Enable 64 bit mirrors -forcer2vb: force r2vb -frameLimit: number of frames to limit game to -framelockinwindow: Force framelock to work even in a window ?works best with 60Hz monitor refresh? -fullscreen: Force fullscreen mode -gpucount: Lets you manually set the GPU count if query fails -height: Set height of main render window ?default is 480? -managed: Use D3D runtime managed resources -nominimize: Disables the ability to restore the game from minimize and changing resolutions - Reduces System Memory Footprint -norestrictions: Do not limit graphics settings -noswapdelay: Disable sleep delay before Present ?disable fix for hard Present stalls? -novblank: Disable wait for vblank -refreshrate: Set refresh rate of main render window -stereo: Set game to support stereo rendering mode -unmanaged: Use application managed resources -width: Set width of main render window ?default is 640? -windowed: Force windowed mode ==== [INPUT] ==== -usedirectinput: Allow DirectInput alongside XInput support. ==== [MEMORY] ==== -availablevidmem: Percentage of available video memory -memrestrict: Set the restriction the amount of available memory for managed resources -no_3GB: Disable 32bit OS with /3GB -nomemrestrict: Do not restrict the amount of available memory for managed resources -noprecache: Do not precache resources -percentvidmem: Percentage of video memory to make available to GTA -reserve: Amount of memory to set aside for other applications -reservedApp: Amount of memory to leave available within application space ==== [QUALITY SETTINGS] ==== -autoconfig: Automatically adjust quality setting to maintain desired frame rate ?15-120? -detailquality: Set detail distance ?0-99? -renderquality: Set anisotropic filtering ?0-4? -shadowdensity: Set the number of lights that cast shadows -shadowquality: Set the shadow quality ?0-4? -texturequality: Set texture quality ?0-2? -viewdistance: Set LOD view distance ?0-99? ==== [TIME] ==== -notimefix: Disable Time Fix
Props to:
mkey82 @ GTA Forums for publishing some great related info