Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sudo everything as anyone without a password prompt

problem: you can sudo as root without a password but not other users

You want to be able to sudo from any host, as any user (and/or group), any command, without being prompted for your password. Right now you don't get the pw prompt for root, but you do get prompted for other users (and/or groups).

This is in part, due to the most commonly known and distributed NOPASSWD sudoers cfg. Its easy to tweak it to give you NOPASSWD for _EVERYTHING_. I personally find the sudoers config and man very hard to follow. What about you? It was only through looking at other cfg's online and trial and error, that I was able to figure out the right syntax.

solution: update sudoers cfg

Its easy when you know how! Right?
#user host (user:group) tag cmd kyle ALL= (ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
In English "On any host, as any user or group, allow kyle to run any command without a password". I hope this proves useful again one day!

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