Tuesday, July 18, 2017

windows 10 and smb share mounting not working // system error 64

problem: net use w: \\hostname\path errors with system error 64

impact: cannot mount the share

solution: check the smb protocol version of the server (and client)

Client Windows 10 Pro 1703

Mounts to linux smbd v4 were working ok
Mounts to linux smbd v3.6.6 were not working

using elevated powershell we could see the existing shares
PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-SmbConnection
This can be useful if comparing working shares vs. non working shares as it shows the Dialect version of SMB protocol.
In this case the linux smbd 4.x version was using Dialect 3.x The linux smdb 3.6.6 was having the system error 64 after some trials we forced the smb protocol in the smdb.conf
[global] min protocol SMB2 max protocol SMB2
After an smbd daemon restart the windows client was able to connect and the Dialect was 2.0.2

Our conclusion was that win10 client was trying to speak SMB3 with the older smbd daemon which it doesn't support.

There were errors in the smdb logs that helped us reach this conclusion.

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